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Prof. Udo Di Fabio on autonomous driving People should be able to decide whether they give up the wheel”

Volkswagen ID.VIZZION concept car

With a new law, Germany wants to allow cars without drivers in certain areas. In an interview, Prof. Udo Di Fabio explains which freedoms must remain with the individual and which principles apply to so-called dilemma situations. Di Fabio was Chairman of the Ethics Committee for Automated Driving until 2017. From 1999 to 2011 he was a judge at the Federal Constitutional Court.

Volkswagen ID.VIZZION concept car
If an accident cannot be prevented, then artificial intelligence must not differentiate according to the characteristics of potential victims.
Prof. Udo Di Fabio
Volkswagen ID.VIZZION concept car


“People should be able to decide whether to surrender the steering wheel”

The levels of autonomous driving