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“Way to ZERO” Talk On the road to
CO2 neutrality
Focus on the supply chain

“Way to ZERO” Talk at the IAA 2021

Volkswagen is committed to the Paris Climate Agreement and has set itself the goal of being a net CO2 neutral company by 2050. Murat Aksel, Member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG responsible for Purchasing Division, and Georg Kell, Spokesperson for the Sustainability Committee, discuss decarbonization and sustainability at the IAA.

Focus on green power

“Way to ZERO” Talk at the IAA 2021
The recycling of valuable raw materials is an important factor in decarbonisation.
Murat Aksel
Member of the Board Management of Volkswagen AG, responsible for Purchasing Division

Clean, sustainable supply chains

Human rights, good working conditions, environmental protection – Volkswagen is taking responsibility in the supply chain.
Georg Kell
Spokesperson for the Sustainability Committee
“Way to ZERO” Talk at the IAA 2021