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Road trip deluxe Grand Tour of Switzerland
in an e-car

Volkswagen’s ID.5 GTX in the Swiss mountains

On the Grand Tour of Switzerland, one scenic highlight after the other is lined up with sights and cultural delights in between. The 1,600-kilometre road trip through the Alpine country is also a dream for motorists, because the charging network along the route is perfectly equipped. Daniel Ott set off in his fully electric Volkswagen ID.5 GTX.

Route of the Grand Tour of Switzerland
The Grand Tour of Switzerland leads through Switzerland in a zigzag course worth seeing.
Volkswagen ID.5 GTX at the Furka Pass
Volkswagen ID.5 GTX at the Furka Pass
Past the famous Hotel Belvedere, the Furka Pass leads to an altitude of over 2,400 metres.

Smooth road trip with exciting prospects

The circle of ID. enthusiasts is growing

ID. Meeting in Locarno (long version)
Daniel Ott at the Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen
Thanks to the low centre of gravity and the active chassis, the ID.5 GTX can be driven very sportily.
Daniel Ott

Technology seemingly made for Switzerland’s best side

ID.5 GTX on a winding mountain road
Rugged rocky landscapes and the ID.5 GTX: the perfect combination
Information on the display in the cockpit of the ID.5 GTX
The display shows in real time how the VW ID.5 GTX is recovering energy through recuperation

Easy charging with Plug & Charge

ID.5 charging station in front of Einsiedeln Monastary
Charging break in front of a historic backdrop: the ID.5 GTX in front of Einsiedeln Monastery
Experience the most beautiful sides of the Alpine state on the Grand Tour of Switzerland

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