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Battery recycling in Salzgitter Giving raw materials a second life

Battery recycling pilot plant

Something is happening in Salzgitter that has never been seen before in the Volkswagen Group – the first plant for recycling used electric car batteries is beginning operations. We look back at the development of this innovative and sustainable process.

From old to new – Battery recycling in Salzgitter
On its way to a new life: Spent battery modules enter the recycling plant.
Our goal is to create our own circular process in which more than 90 percent of each of our batteries is recycled
Thomas Tiedje
Head of Technical Planning at Volkswagen Component

From research to development: How Volkswagen ended up recycling

We didn’t start too early, but just in time. Now we have the chance to start with a process that is really economically and ecologically sustainable in the end, without having to rush anything
Marko Gernuks
Head of Life Cycle Optimization at Volkswagen

How does battery recycling work?

The future’s circular

From old to new – Battery recycling in Salzgitter
Looks like a spaceship, but is part of the pilot plant in Salzgitter.
Simply explained: battery recycling pilot plant

How the battery cell works