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New work Climate protection through digital dialogue

Volkswagen developers rely on digital dialog

Volkswagen Technical Development (TE) in Wolfsburg: More than 11,000 employees work on innovations for future cars. With the corona lockdown in March, mobile working in home office was the order of the day for most employees. Skype & Co. connected the teams electronically so that development projects could continue. Another challenge: new dialog formats were necessary to ensure the flow of information from top to bottom (top-down) as well as from bottom to top (bottom-up). “The requirement to introduce digital formats for dialog with and among TE employees arose early on,” reports Agnese Riemere-Birk. In the TE Transformation department, she is responsible for “Change Communication”.

Chatting in the digital café bar

Networking also goes online

The new dialog formats have become the norm among TE employees. Digitalization is also indispensable in regards to events, and will open up new opportunities for us in the future.
Agnese Riemere-Birk