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Fascination E 12 myths of

12 myths of e-​mobility

Expensive, dangerous, boring: there are many reservations about electric cars. We concentrate on twelve – and fact check them.

#1: “Nobody can afford it!”

12 myths of e-mobility

#2: “There are not enough charging stations!”

12 myths of e-mobility

#3: “Charging takes too long!”

Myth 3: "It takes an eternity to charge!"

#4: “E-​cars can only travel short distances.”

12 myths of e-mobility
the ID.3 can be charged for a range of at least 260 kilometres – thanks to the rapid-charging ability.
Up to
less CO2 than diesel- and petrol-powered cars are produced by electric cars.
Up to
is a range which the latest electric cars are capable of.
Up to
of an old battery will be possibly recycled in the long term - using rare resources less and less.

#5: “E-​cars are far too dangerous!”

Myth 5: "Electricity? Far too dangerous!"

#6: “E-​cars do nothing for the climate.”

12 myths of e-mobility

#7: “Too many E-​cars will overload the grid!”

Myth 7: "Our electricity grid will not cope with it."

#8: “It costs jobs!”

12 myths of e-mobility

#9: “E-​cars are a danger to pedestrians!”

12 myths of e-mobility

#10: “They’re no fun!”

12 myths of e-mobility

#11: “Electric cars look boring!”

Myth 11: "How boring."

#12: “There are not enough raw materials!”

12 myths of e-mobility