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Shaping Mobility – The Volkswagen Podcast – Episode 8

Volkswagen ID.VIZZION concept car

It’s almost unprecedented for our mobility to be changing as rapidly as it is today: electric models race from one sales record to the next, software updates determine the strengths and weaknesses of our cars. Autonomous driving is on the verge of evolving from a vision into a business model – and climate neutrality will be a requirement for all future transport services.

Please note: this Podcast is only available in German language.
Shaping Mobility Podcast

• The electric engine is the most logical drive system by far for climate-friendly cars.

• When charging: the more renewable energy, the greater the benefit for the environment.

• Electric cars do away with traffic noise, which increases the quality of life.

• Cobalt and Co: when it comes to raw materials, Volkswagen focusses on high standards and transparency.

• The (electric) car is becoming a smart device – similar to a tablet or smartphone.

• The automotive industry allows IT specialists to get involved in developing the car of tomorrow.

• Self-driving cars make fewer mistakes than people – making traffic safer.

• Robot shuttles are a strong addition to buses and trains, particularly in major cities.

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