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Shaping Mobility – The Volkswagen Podcast – Episode 8


The presenter duo Ralf Blasig and Vincenzo Lanzilotti talk to Franziska Killiches, an expert in the sustainable acquisition of raw materials at Volkswagen, and Dr. Matthias Ullrich, Head of Technology and Cell Development at Volkswagen Group Components. Another guest on the podcast is Prof. Martin Winter.

Please note: this Podcast is only available in German language.
Shaping Mobility Podcast

The experts

We have stringent requirements of our battery suppliers, as far as transparency is concerned. We demand transparency right through to the mining – they must disclose that to us. We also send auditors to our sub-suppliers and check whether the information submitted is true.
Franziska Killiches
Expert in the sustainable acquisition of raw materials at Volkswagen
Sustainable raw materials procurement
Fact-finding expedition to the lithium desert of Chile

Fact-finding expedition to the lithium desert of Chile

Lithium-ion technology impresses with its reliability, service life and quality. It is now important to make the whole thing more sustainable. We are confident that we can make the battery of tomorrow more sustainable than that of today, whilst maintaining the same levels of performance and safety.
Prof. Martin Winter
Head of the MEET battery research centre at the University of Münster and Director at the Helmholtz Institute Münster, a branch of the Jülich Research Centre
Volkswagen can build cars. We have been building battery systems for ten years, but buy the cells in. To become world leader, we must also develop and produce the battery cells ourselves.
Dr. Matthias Ullrich
Head of Technology and Production Development of Battery Cells at Volkswagen Group Components

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