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Shaping Mobility – The Volkswagen Podcast – Episode 6

Volkswagen ID.VIZZION concept car

The presenter duo Alina Engelmeier and Vincenzo Lanzilotti talk to Indra-Lena Kögler, UX designer at Volkswagen, and Prof. Dr. Philip Leistner, Director of the Institute for Acoustics and Building Physics IABP at the University of Stuttgart and Managing Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP.

Shaping Mobility Podcast
Please note: this Podcast is only available in German language.

The experts

A Volkswagen electric car needs to reflect the character of the car. We connect fundamental design values: The sound has to be sensual, it needs to carry the innovativeness and it goes without saying that it has to be pleasant.
Indra-Lena Kögler
If we assume that electric cars are quieter on average than conventional combustion engines, electric drive can have a calming effect on the city and also improve the acoustic quality of life of a city.
Prof. Dr. Philip Leistner