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Shaping Mobility – The Volkswagen Podcast – Episode 2

Energy expert: As much electrification as possible, as much hydrogen as necessary

The presenter duo Alina Engelmeier and Vincenzo Lanzilotti talk to Dr. Silke Bagschik, Head of Sales & Marketing, E-Mobility Series at Volkswagen, and Prof. Dr. Henning Kagermann, Chairman of the National Platform for the Future of Mobility.

Shaping Mobility Podcast

Please note: this Podcast is only available in German language.

The experts

We need to keep an eye on the overall electric mobility system – in terms of a comprehensive charging infrastructure that meets demand, the area of grid integration, but also the lifecycle approach, to reduce the carbon footprint of manufacturing electric cars.
Prof. Dr. Henning Kagermann
The electric engine is the most energy-efficient engine overall, making it the only economically viable solution for large-scale everyday mobility.
Dr. Silke Bagschik